Each of us has some own idea of a perfect journey or holiday. For some it would be
adventure, exploration, some would prefer relaxing and calm place. Others will find
out what is „trendy“. 

To help you to find your perfect trip I prepared with other lecturers our theme trips.
You can choose from Yoga, Aromatherapy, Mindfulness or My Cyprus. Theme trips
and activities can change as travellers novelties. 

Why the theme trips are a top choice?

Fine group size. Up to 15 people only. Thi is the best size to work with. We are able
to depart with 5 travellers. 

The group gains more flexibility, free time to experience, explore. Authentic moments with locals and travellers from other countries. Activities are included in
every theme trip in spite of the theme.

And the age? Age is not an obstacle. Age usually is varying from mid twenty to round  60. The group is an interesting mix very pleasant to be with. 

We have our own transportation available all the time. Providing also airport transfers.

And if you have around you number of people, students, practicing, employees you
would like to take to a different milieu, to work with them differently, then I can organize for you tailor-made incentives in Cyprus either.

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