Possibly you still remember what it was like when the Czech republic was occupied by the Russians. When there were humiliating border controls with a choking atmosphere. The Cypriots know it well. In 1974, the northern part of the island was occupied by the Turks and remained until today. The Earth has been divided by the border. The Green Line now leads through  Cyprus as a scar, its Achilles heel. I experienced it personally. As a small girl I had to escape quickly with my parents and our from the Turkish soldiers of Famagusta. City that is still closed and strictly guarded. Once upon a time the pride of Cyprus, where English were coming for recreation, is a ghost town that breaks down in front of the eyes. I’ll take you across the border of the paradise, across the border from the south to the north, leading even to the historic center of Nicosia. I will show you the places of my childhood, the history of the island. But don’t worry, it’s not just a trip full of heavy memories and unhealed wounds. The Cypriots are cheerful with their nature and they know very well how to enjoy life. On the unoccupied southern part of the island, I will take you for a visit.  You will get to know our authentic life. And believe we Cypriots will welcome everyone who wants to listen and to learn with an open arm. We will sit, talk, go to the typical taverns for good food, visit winemakers, craftsmen, gardeners, botanists, artists, traditional healers or perfume makers. We will look at the markets and cook from local ingredients, discover the mountains and beaches that will be only ours. For we know places where mass tourism has not yet penetrated. And I  will accompany you personally.

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