TRAVELLING IN THE 21ST CENTURY – experience, emotions, authenticity




I am  half Cypriot and half Czech. I was born in Cyprus, I grew up there, and I have a big family there too. So I have may reasons to make Cyprus my main destination and why to establish here my travel consulting company Akamas Travel Cyprus, named after the northwestern cost  of the island.

Thanks to my profession, experience and unique contacts from my home island, I can offer travelers experiences and take them to places that have not yet lost their genius loci due to mass tourism. With love and respect for travel and knowledge,

Sylvi Georgiou, M.A.
Professional Guide
Lecturer in Tourism and Guiding
EU Lecturer for Innovative and Suistanble Tourism

Member of Cyprus Agrotourism Company




The most beautiful beaches, natural beauty, technical monuments, traditional crafts, aromatherapy, gastronomy, yoga, traditional medicine, cycling, this is just a short list of everything that can be done and experienced in Cyprus.
You will find the following types of trips in the menu.

– “Cyprus – Tailor-made holidays” – the Mix-and-Match itinerary. From the arrival, through stay and trips, to departure I plan the trip.

– Thematic trips- cognitive, thematically focused. With yoga, aromatherapy, gastronomic, etc. The groups live in traditional and boutique resorts, local gastronomy is a must, we have our own transport, lecturer and escort available, every day and always “something special“ .

– Day trips around Cyprus, to places you can get only with me. Just choose.

– In case you need to prepare an incentive trip, meeting, conference, teambuilding, workshop for your company, I can help you with that as well.

What awaits you and what will you enjoy?

  • Adventure and a unique authentic atmosphere.
  • You will meet a lot of new and equally tuned people.
  • You will learn something new.
  • You will get to know the locals, unseen monuments and places, gastronomy, culture, life.
  • Treat yourself to something special and luxurious.
  • You will have time for yourself.
  • You will refine your thoughts.
  • You will rest. Mentally, physically.
  • You will gain new and fresh energy.
  • And then maybe you’ll change something fundamental in your life.
  • Personal or work. Who knows.


Dovolená s nabitým programem, setkání se zajímavými místními lidmi, krásné pláže, skvělé ubytování. Nejvíc se mi líbila destilace a určitě cestu doporučuji těm, kteří se zajímají o destilaci a aromaterapii.

Ivana Badová

Letos v červnu jsem se zúčastnila aroma cesty na Kypr a všem tuto cestu můžu jen doporučit. Byla to cesta plná nevšedních poznatků a zážitků, včetně příjemného a pohodlného stylového ubytování. Seznámili jsme se s místní léčitelkou, navštívili botanickou zahradu , kde jsme se podíleli na destilaci oregana, seznámili se s výrobou mýdla, uvařili si s místním šéfkuchařem musaku, navštívili Afroditinu pláž a spoustu dalšího. Velkým bonusem je průvodkyně Sylvi. Děkuji Sylvi a Petře za krásný týden na Kypru.

Miloslava Cejnková

Meetings and Conferences

Why would they necessarily have to run in a uniform hotel or center, in an air-conditioned room without windows?

Events & Incentive

Why to watch TV in  a hotel room  at the other end of the world, and stay in the resort? All-inclusive is awaiting elsewhere out there, not just at the hotel. Why not to  learn and experience something new? Geographic, culinary, about the country I am in, about myself, about what I am looking for and I need?  Need to  experience and even change things in life.