Do you need to charge yourself with energy? Do you have a full head of thoughts you can’t get rid of? Are you overwhelmed with work and household duties and you can’t focus on anything?

Have you ever heard about Mindfulness technique? This meditation technique has recently penetrated the world and is so effective that is even taught  at primary schools. For example in Finland, England in Germany or Italy.

You can get the feel  of  Mindfulness  with us  on sunny Cyprus. We will teach you the basic techniques like how to calm your mind down, how to get rid of stress – the unpleasant trigger of many diseases, how to strengthen concentration, learning, memory, empathy and emotions. We will show you how to enjoy every moment and how  to live a moment. Learning the meditation will be interwoven with the most enjoyable things that Cyprus offers: excellent and renowned cuisine, a sky-blue sea, UNESCO-protected sites and lesser-known places that have not lost the genius loci because of mass tourism.

Akamas Travel is preparing  Mindfulness trips to Cyprus in collaboration with Miroslav Krček, a long-time and experienced lecturer of this technique.

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