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Petra Torová

  • Date starts 01. 06. 2019 - ends 08. 06. 2019

The smell is the most primitive sense of all our human senses is connected with the oldest and deepest parts of the brain. At the moment we breathe the essence of essential oils, emotional and even physical responses can be triggered in our lives, creating vivid memories of characters and places.

The mystical island of Cyprus, the island of love, is also full of such fragrances. Throughout its history, the use of herbs and spices has been very important. It is the country where the oldest perfumes have been found in the world. With its location, geology and climate, hundreds of herbs and spices are found here. Both endemic and imported. There are over 600 species here today.

The mysterious world of scent as such Petra Torová will help you to discover. She wanted to be an alchemist already in her childhood. She was fascinated by the smell, the magical world of distillation and chemistry in general, when two of the substances are becoming the third, quite different. This fascination  led her to study chemistry at the college and then to natural scents, aromatherapy, herbs, and natural healing.

She graduated from the University of Chemical Technology in Prague and worked for more than 15 years in the field of quality control and environment in food and health care. She is a graduate of the Prague Institute of Aromatherapy and as a professional aromatherapist offers aromamassages, workshops and the creation of fragrant mixtures to measure.

She inspires her  clients to a healthier lifestyle, tothe return to natural health and beauty care. She loves traveling and exploring local plants and their uses, essential oils and the people who make them.


She is a member of the team creating the aromaweb The Magic of Fragrances: (used the translator)

During our stay in Cyprus, in the beautiful traditional complex of Cyprus Villages in Tochni, and the excursions around the island beyond the flower, history, mysterious Aphrodite, but also food and wine, we will reveal the secret of the scents ...


What´s included:

- Accommodation in Double Rooms with Breakfast

- Excursions, Courses, Lectures, as listed in the Program

- Welcome and Farewell Dinner

- Introduction to Aromatherapy


What´s not included:

- Flights / Transfers (we will help on request)

- Travel Insurance

- Facultative Excursions

- Dinners and Lunches that are not in the Program (except welcome and farewell)


- Rent a Car  (we can provide on request)