We go hand in hand with flexible travel models.

Our trips  don not includde flight tickets, unless stated otherwise. Why?

Numerous internet portals, airlines, etc. offer a plethora of flights and flight tickets. From the most expensive to the low-cost. You have the possibility to adjust  both the cost of your trip and length if you decide to extend your stay and holiday.

Why not, isn´t it?

And if you come to the conclusion that you need or  want assistance to  purchase the tickets, then you can contact us directly or our IATA partner,



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Upon request we will organize and help with both.

Transfers services from airport to the hotel  and vice versa.

Transfers to the sightseeing points and activities are included in the programmes.

If you plan to travel around the island aslo by yourself either during the stay or individually then we can help with the car rental directly from the airport or any the other days.




To fly to Cyprus is nothing difficult. There are two airports,   Larnaca a Papfos.  

Larnaca airport is bigger and more modern operating regular flights, Paphos is smaller and used mainly by the lowcost flights.   Seazon in Cyprus is from April to the end of November appx.  

Flights from the European airports to Cyprus lasts from 3 to 5 hours, speaking about direct flights. And the ticket price can start from 50 EURs upwards.

Flights operated to Cyprus by

Cyprus Airways

Austrian Airlines   

Aegenan Airlines


Air Serbia





Lauda Air


Level, EasyJet, Thomson

Travel Service -  operating under Smart Wings.

We have flexible travelling modelůs. If you are able or you don´t want to choose ticket by yourselves through „internet“ and to adjust price and time of the trip then you we are here to help you with your enquiry or you can get in touch directly with our Iata Partner, who will find the suitable connection for you.





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Season: All year round
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