Why to watch TV in a hotel room at the other end of the world, and stay in the resort? All-in inclusive is awaiting elsewhere out there, not just at the hotel. Why not to learn and experience something new? Geographic, culinary, about the country I am in, about myself, about what I am looking for and I need? Need to live and even change things in life.
-          Cypriot cheese halloumi has been produced since Byzantine times, and the oldest perfume was found right here from 4000 BC. , it was an extract of lavender, rosemary, coriander, walnuts and laurel in a small bottle.
-          that the Mayas are the inventors of chewing gum
-          that more than 25% of Costa Rica are National Parks
-          that it is worse to go lag when you are traveling from west to east
-          that it takes 12 hours to fly all over Indonesia, and that it speaks seven hundred languages, with one of the largest stocks of positive words
-          writer and naturalist Henry David Thoreau was the first practicing "yogi", as he said, in so-called Western culture
-          that there are 8 UNESCO-listed sites in Vietnam, and that puppets are walking around the water
-          it is proven that working during a vacation, such as going through mails, is useless; you will not even focus on mails or holidays
-          experiences are contagious, just not afraid to go. Best with who's already infected.