Half Cypriot And Half Czech 

As a little girl, thanks to my parents, I met a piece of the world, and traveling eventually became my profession. I've been working in the field for almost 30 years and I've seen over 50 countries.

Recently, when tourists float well-known places, I have had the opportunity to get to know and feel the dark side of tourism, which is often more of a nightmare to the people. And I decided to go my own way.  The way, which offers people an authentic experience, broadens horizons, does not destroy culture and nature and is beneficial to residents and tourists. Thanks to my unique contacts from native Cyprus, I can offer my clients experiences and knowledge from places that have not lost their genius loci due to mass tourism. I founded the travel consulting company AKAMAS and started to take clients to the sea, to explore, for adventure, fornew friends and for even personal changes. Our main destination is Cyprus, where I will always guide you personally and introduce you to local culture, people, nature and sights. But we can travel and offer an authentic experience in other parts of the world too. Just say and go ...

How We Work

The basis of our work are experiential trips  and incentives.  We work directly with clients, DMC and MICE partners all over the world. We are also their intermediaries. We are independent and thanks to personal relationships in the destinations and direct negotiations ther is no time delay and we respond promptly to a demand. We have flexible travel patterns that are becoming more and more popular. Guides and lecturers are carefully selected experts who always accompany the event from the start to the end. They have a familial relationship with a destination, each of them has  is a professional in some skill being part of the programme. We cooperate with local guides when neccessery, which is the subject to legislation in foreign countries as well.  Otherwise how could we get to know local life and become part of it.

We are orginizing  small groups, focusing on local gastronomy, activities, life. Each experiential trip  is associated with a  "learning" program.

The prices are  fixed.   Since we are not a regular tour operator, we do not offer First-Moment,  Last Minute or All-Inclusive.  All experiential trips are  so-called  "taylor - made", therefore unique.

You can find all the other specifications for each trip. 
Travelling is an education  and it is a pity to waste any opportunity that travelling  offers. 




Smaller Groups

Groups of lesser nature guarantee that the programmes will be of a family character and that everyone will get its space.

Locations we know

Our intention is to go to places we know ourselves, we like, we have spent wonderful times, and want to return to. Only such places can be recommended. Otherwise it can not work.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is also responsible and sustainable travel. We are trying to make our DMC partners to work in the same spirit, so that we can eliminate the massive tourism and, in some cases, the environmental disasters that travelling is causing the last decades.