I am an international child, my father is a Greek-speaking Cypriot – or as they say, a Greek Cypriot. I was born in Cyprus, raised here, but also in the Czech Republic.

We were sorft of a nomadic family. All the time moving here and there. Traveling and exploring the world has become my passion. And finally my profession. Although I studied linguistics, with a specialization in English / Greek language – thesis Cypriot history, literature and culture.

I have experienced tourism from all possible angles - as a guide, organizer of meetings, conferences, incentives. I am a licensed guide, a lecturer in tourism and guiding, and a lecturer in innovative and sustainable tourism of the European Union. I have visited 53 countries.

After almost 30 years of working for travel agencies and corporations, the time has come for my own events and I founded AKAMAS in the frame of the EU. It is not a classic travel agency, but an educational and travel consulting company. I name my company by the northwest tip of the island where the nature is just breathtaking. With my guests I go mainly to my home - Cyprus. On their travels I am their personal accompaniment. I want to show them what the island  is like. I take them to places I like myself,  not been touched by mass tourism yet, the locals, and many times the "experts", do not even know.

I focus on experiential trips and incentives. I advocate sustainable and flexible travel models. This means small groups, customized,  making each one unique. Local life, gastronomy, culture, tradition are the main part of all three concepts offered. Mindfulness, Be like a Goddess, Beyond the treasures of the island and the boundaries of paradise, with an active or tutorial program led by carefully selected expert lecturers.

Thanks to my family and friendly relationships on this beautiful island,  you can get to know the local life and get inspired by it.


Sylvi Georgiou, M.A. 





Smaller Groups

Groups of lesser nature guarantee that the programmes will be of a family character and that everyone will get its space.

Locations we know

Our intention is to go to places we know ourselves, we like, we have spent wonderful times, and want to return to. Only such places can be recommended. Otherwise it can not work.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is also responsible and sustainable travel. We are trying to make our DMC partners to work in the same spirit, so that we can eliminate the massive tourism and, in some cases, the environmental disasters that travelling is causing the last decades.